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Vehicle and automotive industry

More than almost any other industry, manufacturers in the automotive industry and automotive suppliers are under permanent pressure to innovate: On the one hand, the automotive industry must counter rising global cost and competitive pressures, and on the other, it must react flexibly to mobility trends, in order to tap new market potential. In addition, changing legal requirements and customer wishes must also be taken into account. Restructuring and turnarounds are thus shaping the image of an entire industry. However, this rapid process of a market that is constantly in the fast lane also offers opportunities! Especially for those car manufacturers who recognize trends and developments in the automotive market in time and consistently use them for their own benefit. We are specialists in industrial mechanical engineering for car manufacturers and automotive suppliers and have been familiar with the special features of the automotive industry for many decades, because this is where the highest precision requirements and short delivery times come together and demand a flexible, reliable and economical way of working.