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Circular grinding
DIRKRA Sondermaschinenbau + Schleifzentrum - Walzen rund schleifen

Perfect curves

Circular grinding, no problem for Dirkra

Our circular grinding machines grind parts, rollers and knives with a weight of up to 350 kg, a grinding diameter of max. 500 mm and a distance between centers of 1,500 mm.

DIRKRA Sondermaschinenbau + Schleifzentrum - Fräsen

Superior quality level

DIRKRAs milling machines are top class and offer a quality standard at the highest level. 

Along with CNC milling machines and a series of conventional milling machines, we meet the requirements for the highest precision in the processing of complex work-pieces, not only for variable small batches but also for large batches. With its broad range of work-pieces and 5-side and 5-axes processing, DIRKRA achieves the highest flexibility.

Top quality is guaranteed by the Universal milling heads with the dual pallet system, digital drive technology and the highest dynamic and precision – repetition exactness of ± 0.001 mm –  even for "heavy" tasks of up to 1,500 kg.

DIRKRAs high productivity is achieved by the full-automatic part manufacturing without the need of retooling, as well as in-between clamping times of only 5.8 seconds.

DIRKRA Sondermaschinenbau + Schleifzentrum - Drehen

More than just a turn

With the state-of-the-art lathes operated by qualified staff, DIRKRA has the answer for your complex demands.

DIRKRA employs lathes equipped with 6 drive tools, automatic tailstock and self-centered Lynette plus C-axis.  Swing over bed dimensions are 1100 mm, over plan guide,  800 mm, and longitudinal distance is 6,000 mm.

During the turning process, the machines are capable of performing options like milling, turning, deburring and thread cutting. Other available lathes for the processing of work-pieces have a center height of 315 to 500 mm, a center length of 1000 mm or 3000 mm, and a swing over support of 640 or 1010.

Other machines
DIRKRA Sondermaschinenbau + Schleifzentrum - Messtaster

Your special solution

DIRKRAs innovative machine park meets almost all demands. Our products range from simple single or series parts and highly complex special designs or controls up to the challenging welding technology. 

DIRKRAs machine park also has a milling and drilling machine, equipped with a digital position display, including ball screw and­an end facing sliding tool. It is capable of the following operating options: high 1,417 mm, cross 1,827 mm and longitudinal 1,251 mm. The maximum table load is 7,000 kg and the maximum tool length is 2,050 mm with an output of 20 KW.

Other lathes, rotary table and flat table grinding machines as well as milling and drilling machines make the DIRKRA machine park complete for the appropriate use. Special engineering production also uses other machines according to the specific project.

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